Security and Protection


Armed & Unarmed Protection

At Eastern Private Detectives, Inc. a full range of security and personal protection services are available, including armed and unarmed protection.

All cases, celebrity or private, are handled discreetly.

Your privacy is compromised when someone is stalking you and you are left feeling vulnerable and scared. Let us help you confirm and expose your stalker, and take the necessary actions to put an end to your case.

Personal Protection

  • Armed Executive Protection
  • Family / Home Protection
  • Celebrity / High Profile Clients
  • Domestic Violence Victims
  • Employee Termination


Business Security Evaluations

Let us conduct evaluations of your property, premises and employees to guarantee your safety and reduce your liability.

Security (Armed & Unarmed)

  • Businesses
  • Residential / Housing
  • Schools /  Boards of Education / Colleges
  • Day Care Centers
  • Geriatric Centers / Hospitals
  • Jewelry Stores / Auction Houses
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Proms / Parties / Weddings
  • Manufacturing / Warehouses
  • Agricultural / Farms
  • Theaters / Churches / Synagogues
  • Property Transportation

Contact us to see how we may help with your particular situation.


Personal Protection/Security

  • Stalking
  • Armed Executive Protection
  • Family/Home Protection
  • Celebrity/High Profile Clients
  • Employee Termination
  • Domestic Violence


Federal Certified TWIC Officers Available



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